books and videos

bavThis sections offers instruction books and video’s for the novice to experienced candle maker. Candle making is a wonderful art and these books and video’s will help you feel comfortable with candlemaking and soapmaking. They will teach you how to use Metal candle molds, plastic candle molds, and other types of molds as well as showing you how to use common household items for candle making supplies. These books will also show you how to use candle and soap color, and fragrances. Some of these books are written and published by Pourette and offers all the years of experience we have had in the candle supply business.

  • Candle Power
  • Complete Soapmaker
  • The Complete Candlemaker
  • The Candlemakers Companion
  • Advanced Candlemaking Video
  • Beginning Candlemaking Video
  • Beeswax Instruction Book
  • Candlemaking For Fun and Profit
  • CandleMaking
  • Creating and the Art of Blending Colors in Candles
  • The Candle Cauldron
  • Soapreme Book