Candle Making Questions

How do I recognize good quailty wax?

No other single item means so much to successful candle making as using the proper type of parafin candle wax. Pourette has been active in candle research and techical service for many years, resulting in the choices we offer today, please see our suppliers web site at www.igiwax.com for more in depth information. All of Pourette’s waxes offer the basic essential properties suitable for various candle types, good color absorption, smooth glossy finish, and excellent mold release.

  1. IGI-130 or Container Wax, has a low melt point, which makes it the “most suitable” wax for pouring into glass, ceramic or tin containers; thus allowing your container candles to burn clean and evenly down the sides of the container.
  2. IGI-130 or Mold Wax, is of a medium hardness, is semi-translucent in apperance, and is ideal for use with freestanding candles. This makes it great for use in our Metal Mold, and our Plastic Candle Molds as well.
  3. IGI-150 Taper Wax is ideal for dipped taper candles, providing better adhesion between layers than mold type candle wax, adhesion between layers is best when dipping at approximately 165 degrees.

How do I care for my Pourette Metal Mold?

Pourette’s Metal Candle Molds are manufactured by hand from a durable tin plated steel and will produce numerous beautiful candles, as long as they are cared for properly, scratches, dents, dust or foreign matter in your metal candle mold will affect the surface of your candle. Please follow these directions for long and continued use:

  1. Never Strike your Metal Mold with a hard object.
  2. Never place Metal Molds in the oven if the temperature exceeds 175 degress F.
  3. Never scratch the interior with a sharp instrument or abrasive.
  4. Store in a warm, dry place to prevent rust and keep covered to protect interior from dust.
  5. Clean Metal Candle Molds with our candle wax remover and a soft cloth.

How do I melt wax ?

To make the melting of your wax easier, break it into smaller pieces by placing it in a sack and hitting it sharply with a hammer.  When melting wax it is best to keep your melting pot (E241) in a pan of water with a trivet of some sort set in the pan to allow free flow of water under the pot. DO NOT LEAVE melting wax UNATTENDED!

Wholesale Info

How do I set up a Wholesale Account ?

Pourette’s new web site is ready for wholesale purchasing, please sign in and setup your account through the shopping cart,or please call us with your order at 800.888.9425 Monday through Friday 9 – 5 Pacific. Or Fax your order to us at 206.789.3640 24 hours a day.  You may also use the shopping cart but  DO NOT SUBMIT, cut and paste it as an email and please email to orders@pourette.com  including your account number, as well as method of shipping and your preferred method of payment.  If you are a NEW Wholesale Account and live in the State of Washington we will need a copy of your Business License or Tax ID in order to avoid tax, please fax or email us this information and we can make your Online account  Tax Exempt.

How do I place an order if I am outside the United States and Canada ?

Please call or fax us your order, there are many more different ways to ship packages Internationally than our web site offers at this time.  You can also use the shopping cart if you wish but DO NOT SUBMIT, cut and paste it as an email and email us at intorders@pourette.com
We will contact you regarding shipping options as well as payment options.