We ship via UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day and USPS, Please NOTE: In shipping to Alaska and Hawaii you must chosse and AIR Service such as 3 Day Select or USPS Priority, unless you place your order directly by calling or fax your order to. Orders shipped via UPS are charged residental rates plus a $2.00 handling charge. Standard UPS shipping time is between 1 to 6 Business Days within the US and Canada. For a faster service please call, fax or email your order to This will only reduce your transit time and not order preparation please NOTE UPS is a one day service in Washington, Oregon, and 2 Day to Idaho please choose the correct shipping method for your area, we will send it the appropriate way and send a Credit Voucher for the Shipping differences. For UPS CWT (Hundred Weight) your order must weigh 200 lbs or more (4 cases of wax ) so please call us with your order to take advantage of this economical service. Note: Pourette’s Dipping Glaze cannot be shipped via AIR or (COD) and a UPS Hazardous Fee or Surcharge of $20 is automatically attached to each package + shipping cost.

International Shipments: Please call us at 800-888-9425 to place your orders. Due to the excessive paper work and regulations a 5% Service Charge is added to ALL to International ordres (excluding Canada.)

Claims: Lost in Transit: Contact Pourette and we will try to trace your shipment, and work with you to solve the problem.Damaged in Transit: File Claim with the carrier and most carriers require a waiting period before they will accept a claim, please check with the carrier. Missing from Order: Upon receipt of your order you find something missing please check your packing slip and invoice copy, make sure you have been billed for the missing item and please contact us, we will look into the problem.Defective Item: Please contact Pourette within 30 days and we will replace the merchandise or credit your account. Wrong Item Sent: Contact Pourette and we will have you return the item (we will reimburse the shipping cost) or send a UPS Call Tag (have package weight and have ready for UPS to pick up), and we will ship the correct product.

Return of Merchandise: Please contact us with all return questions. We will not accept unauthorized returns. A restocking fee of 15% + freight we be deducted directly from the credit. Any defective products or errors on the part of Pourette will be replaced or credited without these charges.

Back Orders: Merchandise “out of stock” WILL NOT BE BACK ORDERED. We will attempt to let you know when product will be available for re-order.

Pourette Guarantee: We quarantee all merchandise, providing any defects are not due to MISUSE or NEGLIGENCE on the part of the User. We strongly emphasize the need to FOLLOW the instructions the come with each Product. If you encounter any problems with a Pourette Mold; two questions to be asked: 1) Did you FOLLOW the instructions carefully? 2) Did you use Pourette Supplies? We CAN NOT GUARANTEE ANY SUCCESS if either of these Two Questions is answered NO!