votive / tea light

votVotive and Tea-Light candles are great for that special CANDLE moment where simplicity is the order of the day, in this area you will find Votive and Tea-Light molds, and even plain White Votive candles. Using our candle scent, candle color chips and other candle making supplies you can make those great simple candles for any occasion.

  • Tea Light Insert Plug
  • Votive Insert Plug
  • Converter for VIP/TIP
  • Six Pack Votive Mold (Plastic)
  • Six Pack Votive Mold (Metal)
  • Round Metal Votive Mold (Single)
  • Square Metal Votive Mold (Single)
  • Octagon Metal Votive Mold (Single)
  • Votive Candles
  • Tealite Candles (10 Pack)
  • Metal Tealite Containers
  • Plastic Tea Light Containers