Asian Soap Tray

ast4 in 1 Asian Soap tray, with Love, Tranquility, Happpiness, Energy inscribed into the soap bar.

Thought about taking your soap to a new level? A custom mold would set your soap apart from everyone else. Pourette specializes in Custom  Soap Molds. We can take your prototype and manufacture high quality soap molds just for you. Molds that are unique to your design and style,  please call our sales staff to discuss the possibilities.  This mold started out as a custom mold project that Pourette picked up as a soap tray to offer to our customers.

New Concept in Custom Metal Candle Molds

Try one of our Special Custom Metal Candle Molds!ncc
Pourette specializes in Custom Metal Candle Molds. We can make many different sizes and shapes of custom candle molds than shown . We can help make your candles unique. Just call us to discuss your ideas and projects !